Thursday, December 28, 2017

When roses bloom in gardens and green valleys,

When roses bloom in gardens and green valleys,
When cuckoos and nightingales sing in the tress,
Full moon shines in the sky the heat to increase,
In men and women, birds and beasts in all seas,
The season of love starts with the wake of spring,
Sleeping wishes awake in men and women at last,
Beauties roam on the earth flying with beetle wing,
Yea! In search of new loves forgetting the bitter past,
My mistress’ busy sleeping spring comes and goes,
Like dormouse in the darkest den all day and night,
My poor love curses her looking at her sleeping pose,
Lessening my love desires and my mighty pen might.

My mistress, awake from the sleep death a long sleep,
Those who sleep all day on the poor lucks, ever weep