Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Emotions make blind my Lady’s watchful eye,

Emotions make blind my Lady’s watchful eye,
Close like a man in come for a long, long time,
My heart weeps for your being with sob and sigh,
Luz records your mind freaks and night cute crime,
Yea! When none around me you sitting by my side,
I see your pretty youth fresh like rose in mind yes
When be among the mass I you in my eyes hide,
Wise men keep love in heart, foolish for love die,
I weep when I think your pretty being will die,
Time devours your pink flesh words remain behind,
But I record not your deeds but your truth and lie,
Your hate and love are printed in my dullest mind

When I leave the world your hate and love will inter,
With me in the tomb soul freezes like a chick in winter