Tuesday, July 4, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

O Lady you away from me but your image in my eyes,
Floats day and night dim and full as the stars in the sky
When tears roll down on the cheeks so my heart cries
I listen to your sleeping breath when senses to you fly
Sometimes I think you will be mine forever, forever,
When soul enters into the heart crossing chest to mind
I see my love floating in Love Sea my all woes devour
My love kisses your lips and rosy cheeks to me kind
You live in my wide, wide eyes and stay in my heart
Your holy love keeps me active all day in utter lone
My poor soul feels pleasure as kids with moms in mart
My poor eyes weep all night when my Rose is gone

When holy love enters into heart through the cute balls
Senses listen to the bill and coo when the holy love calls