Tuesday, July 18, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

23. Ode to Canary

O sole bird with little cute wings, living in pair , Canary!,
Your voice, enchanting, dawn chorus, I, You appreciate,
You sing in lonesome, in pair beautifully like a fairy,
In pensive mood and all day and whole night to create,
The effect of joy in desert, with singing and dancing alone,
You express your sorrows and sufferings none listens to you,
And your sad winsome songs in moon light in pair,
None to watch, none to listen, you sing our moan,
Your sorrowful songs, full of woe, not bill and coo,
But alas! None to praise in desert, none to make cares,

Canary, your songs sorrowful, you know not what tears,
You sings in lone, but I do weep on my poor fate,
None listens to you, my Lady listens me not, my tears,
Appear in my poor eyes, my pains are than you great,
Loneliness bites you and me bites my sweet Rose,
We both express our sorrows in solitary dales and vales,
Where no human being, but tree, hills and water lakes,
In such place we sad and sad, but pappy primrose
When your throat tires, silent but my heart bitterly wails,
Falling in the fit of woe, falling on me white flakes

O Canary stop singing, I stop making wail and woe,
Come in my garden, none listen to you, none listen to me,
Let us befriend, both sole fans, none will make us poo,
None will hate us, and we will live here freely,
The world: full of sorrows and sufferings, gives us grief,
They ignore feelings and emotions take us as stones,
They kick us as waves to the boulders on the shore,
This cruel, callous and jealous world woe gives in brief,
Ah! My Lady heavy sorrows have melted my all bones,
At last, I will die, you be happy, give woe more and more