Tuesday, July 18, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

24. Ode to the Rain Falling

O gentle rain with cool breeze, from where you here arrive,
I think, from the north crossing mountains and dales,
O gentle you come here, but my poor heart and soul I strive,
To forget sorrows and sufferings, but in doing so my heart fails,
O gentle rain, go and fall in my Lady’s lawn where she waits,
For you with cool breeze, go there but with gentle breeze,
Make hr mood happy, and turn her sad heart into glee,
Alas! When I write on her beauty, I do not know why she hates,
Ad make understand her, and her dying beauty do increase,
Her blunt wit, her thought flight and her o gentle rain you free,

O gentle cool breeze do not hover my head, I more sad
I do not feel your presence, poor heart sinking in sorrows,
Unknown hurting pains, without cause, around me all glad,
I saw flying singing crows and kites, and frisking sparrows,
I ponder over the moon, but appears, an image in my mind
My be my Lady sad, hoes and wishes belonging to future years
Hopes: Trust in God, hope: fear of God, Hopes to God men bind,
Dreams break, emotions die, thoughts fail, and none can hopes steal
May God my Lady be prosper in future, these are my fears.

Gloom, nothing, but our dying wishes, like a jungle tiny rose,
That grows and dies, these our wishes appear in heart and die,
No way to fulfill them, they die, but anon within our heart grows
Again in hope soil, but die and again grow and die but fie
On our Fate, that inverts our plans and our efforts in vain,
But again from hope soil its seed sprouts and day by day,
Grows taller and taller, watering it with water of hope,
What is hope? A link to God, dying hopes join us again,
Now men come to know, dying wishes turn to hope ray
Day: deceit, Dream: reality, and that teaches us how to rope