Wednesday, July 19, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

51. Ode to Human Being

O Man, you are made of water, ponder over your birth
You are proud of your works, but ignorant of life aim
Time devours all earthly things: health and wealth on earth
Comparing your being with macrocosm, a sand, O shame
Men propose, God dispose, all plans of human being
God’s will the mightiest, He ever speaks always
In the voice of thunder and lightning with cruel kings
Nothing is immortal on earth unseen time spindle is fleeing
In whole Universe but are those who makes God’s praise
And their prayers fly to heaven like Phoenix’s intention wings

Nothing remains behind, but men’s good deeds and intention
Good thoughts without fruit useless and injurious to men’s mind
Health and soul, but known to a few in all holy books mention
Cruel thoughts and plans on earth against men all unkind
To its Maker we each born with mother carrying a child
But cruel kills the mother, wisdom in the mother’s wombs
And its son keeps alive ever to use for their dark aims
Against men and God, alas! Their hearts are so wild
More cruel their hearts than snakes and living in the tombs
They cunningly use men’s emotions for their personal fame

Limited our days on earth, limitless our wishes and greed
Rule our hearts forgetting death thinking others will die
And live in self deceit going to hell and do not heed
Souls weep day and night, and want from our body to fly
Think! O man, how to get paradise our lost home
If we purify souls from evil thoughts against all men
The fruit of God’s counted days take a sullen shape
Now without mother the children in utter darkness roam
When wolves take chicks than cackle cocks and hen
Thus we each day and night with our poor souls rape