Tuesday, July 18, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

36. Ode to Graveyard

Oh peaceful and silent graveyard, made of marble stones,
Silence ruling everywhere sitting on tall Cypress trees,
Day Lilies, Coral Belle, and Bleeding Heart and Cinnamons
All standing down head bows, Benu, Anzu and cute Boobries
All sad sitting on sad trees long and long standing rows,
Of white marble stones, all around green grass is seen,
Nightjar, Owls, Sparrows and searching food on floor,
Sedum, Fairy Rose, Ajuja, and under Thyme petals of rose
A perfect silence for meditation, and all cute birds serene,
Coming to cemetery hearse following none behind the door

Looking at Love Cadaver, All birds come down from walls
And circle the Love Cadaver wing to wing and bill to bill stand
Weeping over my love death, at last wise bird Boobrie calls,
For the Hoopoe to dig a tiny grave for gorgeous and grand,
Before burial Love Cadaver, seen to all bird trees and flowers,
All weeping watching love death eyes plucked, heat bleeding still
Lips burnt with false kissing, and face glow like burnt smoke,
Love dead body, wrapped in rose petals in crucial hours,
Putting Cypress leaves on grave looks like a red, red hill
All pray for dead love with sobs and sighs sitting on rock,

Then I weep over my Love Grave birds crying over my head,
Crying in their voices and consoling me flapping wings,
For shadow flying over head to meet my hunger give bread
And all gather on the grave, and pretty Dove thus sings,
Love: a flower that withers with heat of hate on earth,
Love: a cute shady tree in which sit tired human being
Love: soul to soul linker and its binder is promise cord,
Love: a smile, love a trust, but it burns in lie hearth,
Love: a child smile, love women’s grace but love is fleeing,
Those are happy on earth who for old age youth love do hoard