Tuesday, July 18, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

12. Ode to Goodnight

A few ponder on earth over the system of four seasons,
Jovial spring, sad autumn, delightful winger fruitful summer
No eye weeps when says farewell to autumn fail all reasons,
But flowers and tree wither due to see off, but afraid of new comer,
Petals, leaves and fruits all die slowly; it is due to farewell,
Winter bites, confines men and animal in four walls,
Though freeze, emotions die, and feelings all night tease,
In arteries and veins disturb, my mind and soul calls,
My mourning heart tries to come out of this memory hell,
All my senses, my memories, my feelings with like desert trees

My hearts pains, my eyes seep, and my all senses do fail,
When you say, ’Good Night’ with loveless heart and sullen face,
Tears fall on my cheeks, and you sleep gladly in dream dale,
Words pierce my heart and soul in lone, O Lady more sensitive case,
Your stop talking and saying goodbye gives me everlasting pain,
Of Adam and Eve who said farewell Eden in mournful mood,
Who disobeyed Adam or Eve; none knows who was wrong,
Their love fails reaching on earth, my Swan with me not rude,
I am collecting grief on earth in search of love grain,
Spreading on the muddy ground, my feet go into my try in vain,
Your echo all around me, my heart and soul weak not strong,

I wonder how my sweet love turns into bitter love and tart,
I can do nothing but weep putting my face pillow all night,
I see angels consoling me, my love and being on earth all alone,
Drowning in the sea of sleep, her sweet, sweet woes my bite,
Her memories make me sad; love bites my soul in gloom,
My body numbs with sadness, her grief makes me mad,
My sweet love happy with sleep, leaves me in goodnight hell,
Who sees the face of morn and jungle rose and comely lad,
But my beloved forgetting me, sleeping in her cozy room,
Her seep her heaven, but for lover it is a day of doom,
My Swan’s love causes my death yea, me her sleep deities tell,