Wednesday, July 19, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

45. Ode to BZU Campus

O Campus! You welcome my pace on your green floor,
Ah! After twenty and ten years I do come to visit you,
I see cute al lot of face s roaming like snails on the shore
Glowing cheeks, goading eyes and me giving past woe,
O Love Tree! Where your shades, love mates sitting here,
Your leafy shades making bill and coo without any pause,
Sob and sighs I hear in my vision, but faces in my eyes,
Clear as ruby in still water, looks me as I do wonder,
I sitting all alone under you, unknown to all what cause,
Nothing but time store faces in memories when time flies

Bitter sweet pains and pleasures, now I recall my friend,
Zarin, her talking eyes, sweet tongue and short silky hair,
Coming to me but no talk, just eyes talking changing trend,
I see all busy listening calls, one here for someone care,
I am thankful to you O Campus! You all voices safely store,
Our laughing, our talking, our stalking all day free walk,
With friends, some die, some alive, more pathetic scene,
Show me my cute friends’ faces of my time I do implore,
Some faces dim in my eyes, my beloved’s graceful stalk,
Sitting under your shade, all my old memories I do glean,

Unknown face, unknown places, in soundings all change,
 It is time miracle, all change but no change in my mind,
The same your sketch thirty years before, yea in my range,
Nothing forgets, nothing missing, but why to me unkind,
But today’s faces just like sunflowers, glowing with rays,
Of cosmetic, spoils in heat, books in hands, hanging purse,
Eyes searching for lovers, glorious garbs but all wits dark,
Like coal peat diamond, fearful faces but with self frays,
None see to me, unknown to me all, yea, but I do curse,
But all memories storing bitter or sweet in time cark