Wednesday, July 19, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

41. Ode to Cool Breeze

O cool breeze, go away from here, go where people be glad,
On beaches, in parks, in gardens, and in full of birds vales,
Where twittering birds twitter with mates, with glee all mad,
Mother birds feeding kids, enjoying weather all flying males,
Go in palaces and pros’ villas where belles sitting before glass,
For next night game and king ready for lustful foreign trip,
With friends, ready, to welcome belles standing at the port,
To waste country wealth for lust hiding their being from mass,
Go into belles’ room, sleeping in lovers’ arm awake from kip,
Waiting lovers anxiously, some in garden and some in court

O cool breeze make happy the tired with day and night toil,
Make fresh the workers all day in cold cozy offices do sit,
Doing nothing but waste of time standing outside on soil,
Yea! Make happy all the writers, who sell the wealth of wit,
O cool breeze make happy the cutes waiting for lovers in park,
In see through dresses, the visitors’ the bachelor’s paradise,
Old men’s eyes calm, belles’ purse treasure and lovers’ ruin,
Make fresh singing birds of night that always sing in dark,
Go away from, I with, wail and woe burden fall and rise,
Useless for me o cool breeze, your music and birds’ croon

O cruel breeze, don’t touch my cheeks, and leave me alone
The more you happy, the more I am sad, my heart full of pain,
Bleeding heart with time crooked dart pain in joints and bone,
Woes and grief falling on me, ah! Like black heavy rain,
What a fate/ nothing, but chance and a game of cruel time,
Making some rising, some falling, more hard time cruel paw,
I do not know to whom it supports, I think, corrupt and fool,
Go away from me, yea, go where people commit night crime,
Go where on the mountain tops, where corruption, no law,

To crush wit and the conscious of the young, my country rule