Tuesday, July 18, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

17. Ode to a Sparrow Couple

Yester morn I saw sparrow couple sitting on tree,
Fighting in the air , sometimes on the branch,
An attractive seen of fight, alas! I was in hurry,
Beak to beak fight, as The Romans Troy Launch,
While fighting chirping, babbling, and gabbling in air,
Their issues in the nest crying for water and food,
But they busy fighting, in erotic moon in cool air drift,
At last they sat on high branches finishing fight love affair,
In a twinkling of eye I saw them in amorous mood,
Tongue to tongue caressing finishing their love rift

Looking at this fierce erotic fight I remind my Swan’s combat,
Of yester night in display mood fight of words and phrase,
The whole her war with me, at the compassionate,
Then her ogling, anger on nose, love in eyes I amaze,
Her composed mind, her merciful eyes, her humble tongue,
I see her in dim moon light, looking a pixy of pixy land,
Red, red lips, colored nails, pink ring in finger and floating hair,
Touching knees, her tights, her T shirt body clung,
Her eyes shining as in the light dim light of moon, sand,
Of Norway beach, I cannot forget my Swan’s for  me care

O my Lady, o my Rose, love does never turn into hate,
Our love is special, unseen love its foundation is care,
Our love is full of love, trust and faith and makes our love great,
Fighting in love balances trust, and on me my Lady’s glare,
Like sparrow we do fight and anger forget soon,
My affection, swan’s passion, our never ending love,
Seen in flowers, in petals, in dove and in singing nightingale,
In summer days, our pious love starts in June,
More deep than the depth of sea, O My Ladylove,
All angels of heaven on earth our pious love do hail