Wednesday, July 19, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

52. Ode to the Pakistanis

The Land of Pakistan: the holy place for rest, peace and calm
The heaven for the migrants: men and women, old and young
Sacrificed lives countless just in the name of Islam
O God! No Islam in Pakistan, but corruption on every tongue
Every department of my country corrupt, rulers and courts
Police stations, medicine and edible markets and Malls
In offices nothing without bribery, think, my nation, think
The rulers looting national and international money and ports
Day and night dacoit and theft openly, all corrupt rulers’ palls
No peace day and night peoples cannot sleep at a wink.

Prime Minister and Ministers looting all day national wealth
Courts support national cutpurse and culprits at any cast
Duplicate medicines in markets destroying peoples’ health
Jungle laws are ruling, no difference in present and past
What is my nation doing? Nothing, nothing, sitting at homes
Eating edibles injurious and wasting time in children’s being
Prices are going up day by day and no gas, no electric supply
In my whole country, peoples are dying due to glooms
On the whole earth the rulers’ corruption spindle is fleeing
No one listens to the poor men’s and women’s heart cry

My country nation, come, come out of homes to protect
Your holy and peaceful land from the rulers of country
The country is going to utter gloom and a religious sect
Dividing men into groups day by day increasing worry
Now time has come, come out of home to support Khan
And expel the expellers anon from the country by force
Men, women and children, all deprived of human rights
Come people, come out of homes, and change your plan
To protect national and international interest with grace
Otherwise people of my country fall into horrible fights