Tuesday, July 18, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

31. Ode to the Talking Statues

While crossing vale, my eyes catches sight of a cute girl dinging,
Looking to the sky sighing standing on a green, green, floor,
I hear silently from a furlong, her red, red bangles’ ringing,
In moon light rays falling on her glowing face more and more,
When I start walking, she anon to me turns her glowing face
Her dazzling beauty dazzles me and I close my eyes stand still,
She puts her hand on my front; I turn into a marble stone,
I can move not, but hear, see and talk with manly grace,
She gave me a honey bread to eat, from her window sill,
What I see in eve cannot believe, my poor heart does groan,

One day she falls ill, I cure her with sweet pixy Rowan roots,
When her trust restores to me, she took me to her white palace,
Where I see talking statutes all wearing magical red boots,
They all said in low voice this pixy is more cruel and callous.
At last she sleeps; I visit her whole and sis on her cozy bed,
Forgetting my past, parents and friends, I also sleep within moes
I see a dream, most horrible dream of my life, you do believe,
I believe, she is a shape shifting being, gives honey to eat bread,
Captures cute faces anon, now here useless are all your rues,
Kissing them she turns all men into talking statues through a sieve,

When I wake up sudden she was standing on my dreamful side,
Says me what you see the dream is truth and the whole truth,
Standing up she hugs me tightly, and throws me on her bed aside,
What she does is kept secret, but gives me pulling out of shoes,
A carbuncle, then she converts me into a dove, and leaves me in air
And says after one hour its spell expires you will be real human being,
When you want me, put this carbuncle under the full moon rays,
And say, “Come Swan Pixy, Come,” Sure I will be anon there,
Many times it proves true, but today I am not her arrival seeing,
I see a dream, she is ill, I kiss her, she cures, open eyes how I amaze