Thursday, June 22, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Hope like a nightingale sitting on the dole leafy branch,
Sings a song for the crest fallen and disappointed nuts,
Who are ready in love land a new adventure to launch
Some love living in palaces and some love living in huts,
When all men leave men on the earth hope never leaves,
Like the shadow walks side by side with the lover’s soul,
But cruel time has made tiny holes in lock pot like sieves,
The hope candle burns and unburns like the beauty mole,
Eyes loaded with tears heart swells with causeless pain,
Teases every limb of body woes bow down my lumber,
Courage fails, sharp wit dull, my being turns into grain,
But I see the new moon of hole from the land of cumber,

Hope, the mighty anchor of the soul men links to God,
Hope lives in our barren heart never dies like a tiny toad