Thursday, June 22, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

When I sleep, in my eyes your image dim and full,
Twinkling like stars your face deceiving my eyes,
My efforts in vain, o God! Your love cry and wool,
Your heart through see-through dress my eye spies,
No heat in your passions I see your love is dying,
No loyalty in your eyes and fair lie on your tongue,
Your eyes reveal your secrets will in your crying,
You can’t be loved with wrinkled cheeks like young,
O Lady, do not open your coral breasts in the sunray,
The moon loses its charm; the darkest will be night,
If the night eclipses, the whole night birds will stray,
Sweetness of fruits and flowers rests on the moonlight.

O Lady! Your unused beauty will be used by earthworm,
If you leave glass on the earth, will increase earthly charms