Wednesday, June 28, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

My Rose! When I think what love is my thoughts freeze
Delusive hopes deceive wit and wisdom in different shapes
Reality is a dark dream! Day’ struggle increasing agonies,
Yea, dreams: more attractive than black berries and grapes,
Our day’s and night’s struggle, yea, in perusing false hopes
We spend our lives making future plan of brighter dreams,
Our days spin like spindle, on it thousands of thinner ropes,
Human mission: sex and money, we forget God me seems
O Rose! Let us spread love among mass with positive wills,
Yea, Let us wash our black hearts with Jesus’ blood in lone
Yea, one day we are to leave body for graveyards or hills,
Where we will be eaten by earthworms our flesh and bone

Minutes, hours, days, months and years’ mixture our being!
Let us think O Rose, why our hearts void of love I am seeing