Wednesday, June 28, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

I request President Obama to ponder over my country state,
No gas, no electricity in my land and void of human rights,
Country treasures looting, corrupt rulers’ aim people’s fate,
Weeping and starving mom day and night with hunger fights,
Where: Human Rights Watch, Where: International Amnesty?
Ah! All slept in dormouse cells, or know not the real situation,
I write my right in words for rights for you I am not rational,
Yea! Increasing in my country people: A sense of deprivation
I appeal President Obama you are deceived under democracy,
No democracy in my country, the rulers snatch the basic needs,
From the old, young and children with the help of theocracy,
Growing corruption in my country, my country full of weeds,

O Wind! Take my message, going to President Obama’s land,
Say!  Come and feed the starved children with your cute hand