Thursday, June 29, 2017

JH Sayyar''s Sonnets

Sometime I think to write for all greater men‘s praise,
Who performed wonders on earth just for God’s sake?
People read the histories but at it, do not surely gaze,
Their hearts are full of rancor and their reading is fake
Alas! They forget their forefathers falling sin full deeds
No wonder to perform on earth for the upcoming race
Our faith in God: very weak, no stability in our creeds!
To greed, lust and evil thoughts our going forward pace,
I sing for those who educated the sons of mother Eve,
I sing for those who helped the needy in difficult times,
I sing for those who have sacrificed lives none to receive
But alas! We are making for our nations hideous crimes,

Ah! Heaven records all good deeds in golden book of life
Be Greater or smaller deeds of men on earth or be of rife