Thursday, June 29, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Greed prevails over the greedy minds of the rulers,
Wisdom light blind sees nothing but sex and money,
Collection in the room, O God! Punish the poolers,
Mortal rulers, mortal fame more sweet than honey,
PTCL, PIA, Railway all going from the start in loss,
Thinking of privatizing, these are people’ treasures,
The Govt. of Pakistan in loss, rent it to a foreign boss,
The mass hungry, no gas, no light what life pleasures!
Jealousy and injustice: the root of evils on the globe,
None ready to finish them, the ruler traitor to nation
The country demanding right treason weeps with sob,
The rulers, minions of sex and money like legititmation.

Pakistan is under debt give it as well anon to re-rent
Cruel rulers, love your country, it is heavenly sent