Wednesday, June 21, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

What shows silence, what shows your motionless lips?
When I watch the sleeping ocean symbolizing a storm,
When I see in the air flying birds in search of food, roam,
When I see naval hunger darts, the pretty belle slips,
Sometimes I think in lone, My Lady unkind to me,
Sometimes I think why her eyes releasing painful rays,
Sometimes I think who lives in her heart with craze,
I forget you bit by bit but time increasing my worry,
When I gaze in her eyes, I find new love resting there,
Head lying on the soft breast pillow putting arms in arms,
Kissing lips to lips, nose to nose enhancing bed charm
Moving bed with colored sheet, hand crossing, O Fair,

I find the cutpurse of my love in your cunning eyes,
I see in vision, getting the second love, and the first dies