Thursday, June 22, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

When luck leaves men like shadow in sunless day,
All friends and foes, kiths and kin leave anon alone,
Men on the lonesome track rise and fall on the way,
Then men’s heart burn in the heart sigh and moan,
Suffering and sorrows teach men in different style,
The mentor gives the lesson first then takes the test
Life first takes the test then gives the lesson for a while,
I find life teaching style on the earth is the best,
When all leave men on earth remain two things behind,
Loneliness and woes follow luckless men day and night,
Too much pondering exposes angels live in human mind,
In guise of holy notion release men’s from the soul fright,

I see the holy angels when holy notions in soul appear,
On the mind screen of man then word-dress they wear