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The Parliament of Satan: By JH Sayyar

The Parliament of Satan
 Political Record of the Pakistani Politicians
By JH Sayyar
The Satan’s Resentment

Behind Satan’s Presidential Chair, on the wall,
These golden words are written!

My stay will be, the heart of politician and lawyer
To switch on corruption light, to switch off divine fire

Satan’s First Comments on Losing
 The Universal Election

Air kissing and sensational news last night I heard
In all provinces, we have lost the seats, one-third!
Alas! A defeat, a very foul defeat, do ponder over it
Has turned turtle all evil designs and heavenly wit.
Tears float in eyes, full of wish-blood and some fall
In the water-glass, that makes red, crystal water all.
In a deep thought, sitting on the chair, head down
Wrinkles on the forehead, sunken-eyes and the face
Lusterless, red eyes, vomiting fire enhances grace;
With tearful eyes and abase he does uplift his head.       (10)
 And heaves a long sigh, and in these words he said
I am more upset, you all do not know!! Ah! Why?
Ask me! Do ask me! My all comrades! Do not shy!
Now open your ears and close your greedy mouth
Last night I received a piece of news from the south.
The Evil Designers are coming to enquire about our
Foul failure, therefore in danger is my rented power.
 Last year they did send for us, dollars, ten trillion,
 In spite of spending them we do come to pavilion.
 I gave you your entire due share for public reforms        (20)
But my report tells, you all spent on the charms!!
Of brothel in foreign lands, ignoring m comrades!!
And prefer your will to my will now the shades!!
Of scandalizing Our League among mild mankind
You all waste dollars and now my horrible mind!
Most disturbed, alas! Day and night I cannot sleep
And terror of My Lord in my restless wills creep!
My Days have been counted, ah, you know it not
 I am answerable before them and cancel my plot          (30)
Given me in Washington and England have been
Vacated today or tomorrow, now you all‘ve seen
My state, eyes tearful, heart weeping on the loss
Now for the next 5 years will be made a new toss;
Raise your golden comments Lucifer, but in short
Do explain in our retreat, how much is your part?
Listening to Satan, the he spoke with pensive eyes
I think my council was sound, our party’s surmise
Due to wrong sure planning to whom we do award,
  Funds for public reforms controlling minds is hard        (40)
But man is greedy by nature and you cannot judge
Embezzled all funds having in heart infernal grudge
Lucifer my good adviser, do issue an urgent report,
Telling my Ministers my warrant from Lord’s court
Soon I will preside over the first session of defeat!!
And will be located the hidden causes of our retreat
The bright curtains fall,
Satan’ Sighs rule in Hall
More upset than in the Hell                                               (50)
As hares in the greenless dell
He cannot sleep the whole night
Nights pass in spiritual plight
Remembering the days gone-by
Heaven’s pleasures and partridge pie
Zerachiel’s Hearing in Satan’s Court
Zerachiel, the Minister of spy, first appears
Before Satan, floating in the chary eyes tears
Standing dumb, no word to explain his cause                   (60)
Just Sighing and crying, echoing in hall a pause
Appears. At last he in these words does utter!!
Would not melt in your mouth look as if butter
I bought with public funds pross’ nights & days
Truly public hated me, apparently made praise!
The Public was fed up with my obnoxious being
Its result in the recent Election you are seeing
My sole duty was to spy in land every Minister      
But each knew my doings and each was sinister               (70)
To me, I gave you all Ok report was a white lie
Alas! I spent my all funds on the sex-heated pie
Alas! I forgot my duty with the passage of time
The greed, stung my honesty, of dollars-chime
I hired another spy who imported me all news!
Yes, I did not still pay her five months’ dues!!
I with public funds built a nice home on beach
Ignoring my duty sitting all day with my peach
In a whole year, one week duty I did perform
In remainder days, I enjoyed my flesh-charm                     (80)
I request you MY Lord, pardon me once more
I will do my duty well in future like a whore!!
Listening to his Satan speaks in a thunder voice
You damaged my secret mission and secret choice
You wasted my mental labour and tortured mind
I trust on your hidden abilities, not on you blind
Now I do change your office and stipends curtail
I provide you chances but alas, did not you avail
Now you are the same, but without any charge
Because you dallied secret mission and to enlarge              (100)
Your lands and ladies in an out land cute towns
Your performed your duty sitting in their gowns
Now you go bastard and sit down on your seat!!
Lest your negligence should increase temper-heat
Secretary prepare his office paper I put on it sign
Postpone the session at once, bring a glass of wine

Lipika’s Hearing in Satan’s Court

The horrible facts I came to know not in your record
Lipika: the Earth-Record Holder, was it most hard
For you to write down in you annual golden book;
No word, no word utter I have seen your look,                      (110)   
Most horrible, most horrible, but in your wary eyes
I see cleverness and rebellion, my most secret spies
Face: the mirror of thought-attacking peter eyes reveal
Nose determines attacking might, you cannot conceal.
Tell me how remained hidden from your chary eyes
 Laberzerin’s black doings you cannot patronize.            
Yes, I omit Lipika’s doings, when I came to know
He is Underworld man, I with myself made a vow
To write his report white just to save my life
Last year when you sent me urgent with my wife,                  (120)
To attend a session in foreign land but none knows
Except you and me, my departure, my report shows
To kill me the attacker knows sure I was there
But God save my life, and was killed our mare.
Last week my brother was killed by a killer-gang
On the city choke and the gangsters happily sang
News papers‘true report but you turn a deaf ear
To this incidence and declare it enemy trick mere
Ear-kissing news reached to tour ear but you,
Considered it a doubt but my life full of woe                         (130)
Five years ago my dad was slain on the city gate
When country mother was killed on the fixed date
My Lord, raise your eyes and see behind my face
And eye colour changing with my words’ grace
But your conscious flies listening Under-world tale
Of my woeful heart and your eyes where do fail?
Analyzing the facts for a long time you ignore;
Your secretary Miss Virgin belongs to whore
Zarachiel, the Minister of Spy, spies you all night
Hovering over your office wearing spy chip in kite,               (140)
You know it not, why? You are my Lord spied,
And Zarachiel spies you and from you secrets hide,
How can I record Zarachiel’s doings? My Lord
He has in his red pocket my last day red card.
You know it not, his fox heart and a dove face,
He takes reverse steps while walking doings efface
Now Satan says! “I know it well more than you
And what you said fair Lipika is most true!
I have chalked out a fine plan using his second wife
That is my secret concubine to spy his shorten life                 (150)
I called for her last night and gave his death dead line
To send him in the grave using her cute concubine

Labezerin’s Hearing in the Court of Satan

Labezerin, you the Minister of Success, why we got,
A foul defeat in city on all seats for us that brought
Disgrace, shame, sorrows and suffering every where
Tell me in this defeat-drama how much your share?
 My respected lord, says Labezerin, in this foul defeat
Zarachiel imports our weaknesses and does meet
Our enemy in the dead hour of night in a secret base,
It is my friend’s report I recognized his true face.                 (160)
Last night I recoded his ten hours phone-call,
I learnt in the session you listen to it carefully all,
The top made on, “hello, sir, congratulation on
Your success due to my sincere efforts you won
All seats in the country and my revenge I take
From my lord, who did not my reward does make
My commission all dealings and me does ignore,
And hides from me all profits like a whore;
Hides her intention of deceiving her clients in day
And get her smile price all night when gay,                           (180)
So my dear friend I will take to you later
My heart-wish is ill, and in graced incubator.
Ok. Send my key-money soon in the eve
If you made it late, sir, it does me grieve;
Oh! You do not worry about you reward
I am as swift in paying share like a leopard.
In future, you will with me compromise
I will make you Senator your status to rise;
I earned commission 100 caror and for you save
Therefore, like a cute concubine with me behave                 (190)
I keep ten caror to make you the Minister of Treasure
Then you and my comrades will enjoy in leisure.
On a sunny bank of Thailand with your bloody cute
According to beach pleasure dollars will distribute.
Keep all commissions for lust sir life you enjoy
All body pleasures on earth a girl to play is a toy
To make day and night pleasure it is money use
I stop call now and feel danger, inform my muse.”
Now tell me sir what is your opinion about it
That transfers from heaven to earth your wit                          (200)
Yes sir we got success in all fields of corruption
Now to change the part name is the second option.
Now the Satan spoke in his terror-full voice.
Record my statement my most urgent choice
“At one new party election in the state announce,
All the corrupt workers soon we do renounce.
To calm public fury woman welfare s begin,
It is most necessary to wash the party’s bloody sin,
Distribute awards among the singers and dancers,
They are our solid votes and our lie enhancers.                      (210)
Give children gifts and widows many a machine,
Our workers are angry with we all have seen.
Make homes for the poor and unite labor again,
Give the signal to RM not to stop any train.
Give concession in billing Party’s deal is near,
Sustain it with looted money true is my fear.
Among the Party Workers looted money miracle,
We will win seats again tells us Roman oracle.
Those whose are active workers soon shoot,
Mysteriously and their parents give money and solute.          (220)
Last night I saw the party position is very weak,
For this, start efforts the whole alliances to seek.
Fresh unfair means search to win election of the year,
Got men and women on heavy cost for killing dear
Take the mass in confidence by money or fraud,
Now the mass awakes and it looks me very hard.
Our Chief’s Murder the workers have suspected it,
They the murder and their reasons most fit.
Now time has come for us to change soon land,
To save our lives and our secret traitor band                              (230)
The issues rest on fraud and money greed,
In the Holy Books so God says this I do read.
Start at once peoples’ income support programs
And cute girls always be in the traitors’ arms.
Corruption, briber and sex make part life long,
Those who deny it they are completely wrong.
Enroll fresh cutes for coming election charm,
Their act will internally the opposition to harm.
The cute will trap the rich with their hot kiss,
To make suit against them in the legal office,                             (240)
Make speeches openly among the people on road,
To restore public faith, to lesson corruption load,
Hire men and women to gathering in our speech
To upset the opposition mind and public to teach,
We are innocent and opposition blocks our way,
Working for the country sake how can be public gay?
Give in among the public concubines’ sons award,
To hide our corruption, bribery and heavy fraud,
Contact annoyed workers with help of old cute,
Use looted money among the pros’ sons and be mute.                (250)
Because the old cute s are the hunger of hollow fame,
And we know well how to all old and new cute to tame.
My survey does expose now the mass does awake,
And use senses in every matter in the part they make.
In the next election ye, do use new tricks to confuse
Public for votes, do kill secretly those who refuse.
My potent survey shows those who leave our mission,
It weakens our party but without my permission.
Say us goodbye, kill them not for personal rift,
And in return give them death in hell a secret gift.                       (260)
At the end I say make arrangement to flee from here,
And worship the foreign Lords to settle or affair.

Carcase’s Hearing in the Court of Satan

Now Satan raise s his white eyes brows with sunken eyes,
And issues the solid orders of the part’s traitors’ surmise
Do tell the journalists we are starting a new program
To support the poor women and their anger to calm;
Do make arrangement for to survey every town,
And appear women with beads and wearing fine gown.
But my aim will be to judge opposition vote power,
I will stay there with my concubine just for an hour.                    (270)
Distribute the looted money among our supporters,
To show public our trust they are our real voters.
Reminding our sacrifices to the public every where
So that the voters will support us with their due share,
Listen: my words will be full of confusion, this weak
And in the country greedy and fame hunger you, seek.
Cunningly in the voter zone check our potent rival
And kill them in the blast on the road his arrival.
Be our supporters or not prepare a strong rebel band,
To crush our opponents in cities with cruel hand;                        (280)
Do kill the poor and innocent mercilessly on the road,
Fire at night while sleeping, the next day on the board,
The news: a man was killed in the morning at Lahore,
But to show sympathy, do reach at once at his door.
Do announce at once reward for the killed father,
And take the charge of future of his elder brother.
Listen to me Carcase, say Satan, with open ears,
Today call for a meeting at my home without fears;
Of greedy men and women and poor young and old
And do write their names in the list with ink of gold.                   (290)
And issue them the Golden Part Card at the end
Of the secret meeting in tall he red areas to send;
To know the sensitive problems in the night deeds,
While daily in the newspapers my secretary reads.
Carcase, Election is near, change wrong into right,
Send my message in all offices, switch off the light
Of the secret corruption in all parts of the land,
Fill all empty seats at once Carcase, underhand,
With corrupt women and men appearance to be nice,
Thinking black, sexy talk and but be harmful voice.                   (300)
Announce among the workers just promise program
To make happy them and to create ladies’ charm
Make a reserve force to murder our enemies
Secretly in gloom alert them to make increase
Collect our rascal workers tonight at the home
And award them with money who aimless roam
Make promise within promise nothing to give all
Server the old murders all calling on phone call
Call for erotic girls in meetings to control mass
And give them cheap dress and jewelry and pass                          (310)
Announce among the workers just promise program
To make happy them and to create ladies’ charm
Make a reserve force to murder our enemies
Secretly in gloom alert them to make increase
Collect our rascal workers tonight at the home
And award them with money who aimless roam
Make promise within promise nothing to give all
Server the old murders all calling on phone call
Call for erotic girls in meetings to control mass
And give them cheap dress and jewelry and pass                          (310)
Ant time come in Assembly Hall with ladies
To attract workers’ mind their lust to increase
But put a secret camera in lone what they do
And save their doings forever must be all true