Tuesday, May 9, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Once In the valley of love I was sitting all alone,
Bowing down my head closing my tearful eyes,
I hear a lady bill and coo with lover in lower tone,
Putting head on him weeping with sobs and sighs,
Listening to her moan I uplift my head out of knees,
I see wonder sight crows and cocks crowing there,
In dark and dreary eve I with pains my lips squeeze,
My soul freezes like a stone free of all worldly care,
A voice comes in ears no love on earth fair and true,
Those who trace love in woman’s heart all unwise,
Love your b being full of glee, liar love full of woe,
Love, a just fancy, love, self deceit, I do summarize

When I ponder over it in lone was my poor heart cry,
Woman’s kisses are sweet but her tongue if full of lie