Thursday, May 11, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Ah! Wisdom and knowledge far from human reach,
Yea, Neither both live in soul nor in human mind
To the pious men O Rose the Angles on earth teach,
For justice among the earth and to them more kind,
Fools are those who search wisdom in written books,
Alas! Wisdom may not be found on earth at any cost,
But the clovers do find wisdom in wise men’s looks,
Do you know the scarecrow cannot sit on the mast?
Yea! Wisdom: a gift of is given to all the pious men,
As a gift, a golden crown and is human body soul,
That shines like a diamond in dark and gloomy den
Those who forget destiny in its light do find goal,

Those who call wisdom lie in written books are fools,
Wisdom grows in soul, not in word- stagnant pools