Monday, May 8, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

When I fall on woeful thorny flowers, none me consoles,
Ah! Every part of my body injures when on it I do crawl,
People partners of pleasures and do leave all in life doles,
My beloved, my friend and my blood all do prove traitor,
When woes encircle human beings first pleasures leave,
Then turn faces friends, lonesome bite my poor heart,
Tearful eyes, weeping heart and dying wishes all grieve,
All leave in the lurch when sorrows are pretty life part,
All flee from the scene, when woes face to face a sooth
Wisdom fails, eyes blind, then trust in God does work,
Opening my third eye I do curse more beloved’s youth,
Al last all sorrows and suffering infuse in my soul perk.

My beloved’s love takes me far away from the real life,
Thus I forget my friends and God now life full of strife