Sunday, May 7, 2017

Jh Sayyar's Sonnets

What I call this jealous world, my friend or foe?
All around I see wails and woes, cries and sighs,
I see luck in dream wearing blur garb top to toe,
Standing in different colors in a long, long row,
When I see to the sky I see shining stars away,
Hanging over head in leafy vale red and white,
Roaming clouds spreading in the sky that day,
To find place falling rain in dark thunder night,
 I do feel my being useless as growing weed,
Yea! Or like smell less flowers, blooming there
Just for the orchard beauty the farmer does feed,
To display his labor the farmer does its care.

Your soft anger sits on your long pretty nose,
As canker does live to grieve in gentle red rose