Friday, May 12, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

Today Afridi says, ‘I get love in India more than my nation’
What is wrong in it? Tell me! Whole and all TVs anchors,
Who scandalizes it knowingly just for channels’ approbation
And boosting ads for money, it is my country youth canker
There is Nothing god or bad on earth, thinking makes it so
My rulers and anchors put in youth’s mind India is our foe
While Sura Baqra tells, we are brother and sisters in a row
Linking to Abraham you in all men negative thought sow
It is an honest statement may be defined by different tricks
It is a true statement springing from a true and honest heart
When Pakistani people marry Indian girls all silent, all ricks
Yea! Telling truth bluntly on earth every human nature part

When mighty men make business and marry with Indian dame
All anchors are silent on I, It is politics and money old game