Friday, May 12, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

I met an old man travelling on foot to a fairy land,
Hundred years old sitting all alone under a shady tree,
He signaled  me to sit on the floor with trembling hand,
He talked of olden days free of all spiritual worry,
Alas! Like a sparrow my sons have gone far away
Leaving me alone here with children and spouses,
He heaved a cold sigh his mind and soul full of fray,
No motion here no rest, my complaint solid causes,
He said, ‘In youth all men pay to God for long life,
In old age they pray to God to shorten their days,
Death is better than old age, yea, death is here strife,
Men are thankless to God, never sings God’s praise

Human being thank less to God in year’s every season
The old wish for death, the young for life, unjust reason