Thursday, May 11, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

All moral evils on earth are due to darkness no light
Of knowledge people are living in the lightless cave,
Killing knowing not friends or foes never ending fight,
Hate does conquer wisdom and wit of coward or brave,
Hate does eat wisdom and jealousy eats human heart,
Thus darkness prevails in human soul and nothing sees,
When anger sits on woman brow looks like a stern wart,
Eyes blind anon wisdom fails, human soul does freeze,
Yea! Poverty blows out the candle of human and wit,
It is evil root on earth, a hell on earth for human being,
Barrens human soul and at the poor’s door she does sit,
Knowing not this secret, life spindle is swiftly fleeing,

All things on this globe we may buy from earthly mart,
Knowledge the light of heaven wisdom God’s sole part