Saturday, May 20, 2017

JH Sayyar's Songs

Song 3

By JH Sayyar

When the sun rises in the east tomorrow my love
I will search for your being in pleasure vale
When the sun sets in the west I will sleep
To see you in the dream when my sense fail

Fresh air wills me where is my pretty being
Wild air will lead my steps to your cute cot
Where I will find you sleeping on the flower
But I will never awake you oh my poor lot

I will gaze you sleeping for a long time
My Helen is sleeping on the couch with calm
O birds do not make a noise my love sleeping fast
But for my sweet lady sing sweet, sweet psalm

I will wait until you awake from sleep
I will sing a sweet song in your sure ear
That will bring to conscious you will see
You see in dream your love standing here