Friday, May 12, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

When happy days will come next year in spring season,
Wish red roses, daffodils will bloom on my heart lawn
The moon light will remind me of your pretty treason
Leaving me lone in the hands of cruel time in early dawn
Life burns in different colors like a white pretty candle,
My woeful tears fall down like wax drops on the ground
Eyes full of tears, heart full of woes making me dandle
My soul freezes like a stone but my sad heart more sound
Yea! Woes days come to teach but love comes to befool
The wit of lover, beauty, nothing, but our wit self deceit
Just a ray of hope makes my heated head and soul cool
Hope and hope changes into stalk our poor trembling feet

Ah! Happy days have passed away leaving woe behind
Your pretty face roaming in my eyes still to me unkind