Sunday, May 7, 2017

JH Sayyar's Sonnets

O Lady! I spend my whole day in sobs and sighs,
My tears shine like glowworms in dark, dark night
My weeping heart cleaves heaven with silent cries,
Alas! None cares for none when someone in plight,
When I think, Ah! My being useless on this globe,
No true love but pain in vain, written in my fate,
Cries and cries in dark and dreary night when I sob,
Dull pain spreads in veins and my heart full of hate,
I sleep with tearful eyes fears and fray in my soul,
Wet pillow with tears, dimming sunken eyes light,
In my pretty dreams yea, I am silly trace my goal
My being, a paragon of sorrows with poor sight,

When sorrows descend in soul, heart pleasures die,
O Fair! Your tongue is sweeter but your love is lie