Saturday, May 20, 2017

JH Sayyar's Songs

Song 7

By JH Sayyar

O my mom, I have left all my dolls at your home
My brothers, sisters, aunts, ankles and friends
Leaving all behind with sweet sobs and sighs
I am going all alone with bitter and sweet trends

My childhood, my sports will never come back
Till my death, now my frolic youth will die soon
Falling in the marriage bond far away my town
Now in dream about my childhood I croon

O my mom do pray for me for my life ease
I am a naughty child just in your pretty eyes
 Cannot forget your songs to me in cradle
All night you awoke listening to my cries

O cute, cute mom, where are childhood toys?
Gazing at the sky heart weeps eyes full of tears
O mom I have lost all joys but all in my brain
I recall them in winter when heart full of fears