Saturday, May 20, 2017

Song of WC T20 2016

Song of WC T20 2016

                                                    By JH Sayyar

Who will win the hearts? Who will win the match?
The god of love hovering over the ground in jovial mood
Watching the glimpse of belles and players drop the catch,
The gods of game turns sway his face to purify the crude,

When the belles smile sixes will be made with happy heart,
Erotic eyes survey the ground where to send the ball
The boundary catch cleaving hearts with mini might darts,
Embers burning in hearts, from the ground going to wall,

The gods of game and gambling survey all from the height,
Reading the book of fate thinking who to award and penalize
Man: Puppet in the hands of fate and cruel time might
Alluring beauties charm the players with full erotic eyes

The old and young enjoy the match with families and friends,
The suckling and infants seeing walking statues in the ground
Winning the hearts blonde cute smiles changing player’s trends
Behind the back of the belle the fans enjoying erotic sound

Gathering of the players at one platform what is shows
Forget the bitter past and s[read love and peace on earth,
I see the colored faces enjoying the match standing in rows
Their intentions are honest and simple hearts full of mirth