Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

20. Ode to the Cuckoo

O Cuckoo! You sing daily early morn sitting in my home tree,
I am wont to listening to your charming voice in morn,
It prologs my rest, it makes, my sad heart happy in worry,
It is spring, your voice in the full swing, I your voice adorn,
You leave your nest in search of grain for two little issues,
And comes at noon to feed them with her little bill,
Then goes back and comes back to look after her hungry chaps,
Now they are grown up and their little wings they will use,
In search of food on earth, in trees, or on a high hill,
And both have learnt the art of how to avoid traps

Autumn is a head, I am afraid of its coming, ask, why?
It will the leaves and make your little nest bald,
No shade for you and your kiddies, and in vain your try,
You will need, on earth, for your safety, a fort walled,
I do not know when you will go leaving me all alone,
In which, your dwelling, or far away from my home,
Or beyond the sea, where there will be lush green trees,
But next I will not be able to listen to your lovely tone,
Listening to your voice in bushes, in trees, I will roam,
In search of you, when there will be spring, as on shore geese

My fears prove true; you left me alone like my lovely Rose,
Though there was no autumn in heart, love tree loaded with leaves,
Full of promise fruits, ripped and un-ripped, hanging in different pose
Of love and of bill and coo….but your absence me grieves,
Ah! What is promise? Nothing but woman’s lips wrapping in smile
Of silky cheeks, beaming lips and deceptive eyes, love gift,
For the lovers, who receive them gladly in park and hotels,
 A promise to live each other for forever, but intention vile,
The next day will be with other, the deceptive love second shift,
Of bill and coo with new dress and vigor, Ah! Avoid cheeky bells