Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

21. Ode to Jumera Beech

I have come again on your sand among the bikinis and Devas
Playing in the blue gleeful waves, wet floating hair in airs,
Laughing faces around me, goading and ogling without pause,
Eyes embracing eyes, lips embracing lips, old and new affairs,
The waves erased the foot marks of Lady’s blonde feet,
But fresh in my memory, cannot be effaced by time and space,
Tome comes and goes but time in memory does not change
Same for all times like beyond the skies, I do great,
O Beech! Rubbing my Lady’s prints you dimmed her grace
Alas! I cannot on your sand any new love meeting arrange

She leaves me on woe thorns, heart bleeding and trembling feet
Eyes surveying for like her face but no one like my Lady,
Cuter faces I see there, but all smiling eyes deceit,
The new comers sitting with faithless eyes under trees, shady,
Beech birds happy, flying over the waves but I was sad,
Like a dying swan who unlocks, locked throat near death,
In sad voice says goodbye and welcomes other new state,
Like Sphinx burning turning into ash a new birth in glad,
Flapping her wings in glee pondering over her new birth
The Sphinx lives single throughout life without a mate,

Jumera Beech I will never, never see you in lie again,
Because reaching here I remind of my Lady’s foot marks,
Her laughing and kissing with me sitting on the main,
My heart weeps bitterly and you kindle my love sparks,
My past happy days, , full of love, present full of weal and woe,
My Swan not with me here, Flew away to other shore,
In search of new love, across the sea in a new love vale,
With a new mate who meet her in dream to make bill and coo,
And leaves me here in sorrows and suffering more,
Weeping in her memories, all day and night it does my face pale