Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

43. Ode to a Thai Belle

O Thai Belle you standing all alone, on beach watching sky,
Spreading half on and half on breast, wearing bikini garb,
Calling for her friend, your voice echoing like a koel’s cry,
Ah none pretty than your face, your colored diamond barb
Near you swimming swans, over head flying chirping larks,
Playing ducks on waves, and creeping on the beach soil,
Falling rain drop by drop, like my heart bleeding on shore,
I watch your dancing keenly, eyes releasing love sparks
Blank eyes roaming here and there but lonesome hails,
My heart weeping looking at this site more and more

O Belle, do not come here, when old men enjoy leisure,
Your dress and glowing cheeks, old men’s heart tease,
Old men recall past golden days full of youth pleasure,
Watching your beauty their emotions and feeling appease,
Their hearts and eyes sad, tearful eyes pleasures destroy,
Eyes weep and blood falls from sad eyes, alas! Ruminate,
Old men’s pleasures end watching your grace causes pain,
They reach in golden age of youth, when everywhere joys,
Unknown to pain, woes and worries, on sand creeping snails,
Working day and night like sparrows, yea, with active brain

Youth: the dress of old age, with the passage of time tatters,
No changing, no mending, then wears full of wrinkled shroud,
A new man with new skin dress, with old age new matters,
Blunt thought, crooked gait, trembling hands like a scarecrow,
Youth: the slave of passions, old age the slave of lone greed,
Increasing wishes, sad heart, feeble steps and lonesome bites
Air throwing mouth, like skeleton fingers, on face sunken balls,
Sullen cheeks, full of wrinkled forehead, alas! None to feed,
A burden on earth and issues, and free of all human rights,
Bit by bit, youth crawls to old age, old age to dearth crawls