Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

19. Ode to the Eagle Tamer

I see an unseen cord between an eagle and its tamer,
I could not spy it with mundane eyes, really at all
I try most to see it, but failing efforts like a gamer,
In games loosing trust in judgment, and then sure fall
I wonder the eagle comes back to its owner with a chase,
And out before his owner taking prey in his toes,
And exposes his glee shouting and flapping his wings,
And sits on the tamer’s hand, releasing his astral rays,
Looking in his victory style, I wonder and amaze,
And wearing in his paws colored trust rings

I wonder and think why the eagle comes back by and by,
I think and think but fail, just a point comes in mind,
In the jungle shady tree I do peacefully spy,
What is middle point that both of them does bind
Then I unlock my third eye, and saw golden unseen cord,
Glimmering in the sky, more thin than hair, but strong like a rod,
Made of Astral Light, a synthetic essence of our purer soul
The foolish cannot see it, wise men keep in vision hoard,
And all great and small earthly things watch like God,
Nothing in the world, but rays travel north to South Pole

O my Swan, love nothing, its unseen cord is Astral Light,
That binds each object of earth, binds men to beast,
Where the cord is missing darkness will be there no light,
What is Astral Light? Trust light, you must know at least,
The miracle of astral light, trust that binds willful love trends,
Of our random thoughts, roaming doubt vales veiling,
In different shapes, as human beings’ wishes roam in mart,
The eagle will come to the tamer, nothing but trust, my friends,
Trust is success, trust heaven key; trust God’s the first part