Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

9. Ode to Artemis

I, sitting on the Norway beach, my Swan’s image in eyes floating
Col breeze is running fast, gleeful waves playing with the moon,
Singing larks over the sea, with their mothers little kids boating,
In moonlit in the trees, night cuckoos and nightingales croon,
Swimming fishes wavy dance, in moonlight blue waves,
I saw mermaid singing in moonlit with happy merman,
Lovers’ with beloveds boating, slept couples on the beach,
A heart burning sight, I seem I had drunk henbane,
I in trance reached at once in the age of caves,
I saw sitting Artemis far away among the little cute babes,
She stood up and saluted me when I there reach.

I politely requested her parents to call for here Artemis,
I reached here from away on the wings of Poetic Muse,
Alas! Those who follow Artemis, men deprive of shiny kiss,
Among your followers, my Swan, Artemis, change your views,
Creation stops, nature weeps, and no beauty print behind,
Alter your mind and spreading among bells through Astral Light,
And met Swan in dream, cute more than you are on earth.
Cutes are loved or worshiped, but refusing mating her plight,
She loves kissing and hugging; Ah! With true love her bind,
Her serpentine and pink thinking on earth I do not find,
It is her self-conceit, God does not award it ob her birth

He blonde cheeks, her soft lips, he wild eyes and coral breast
Her delicate fingers wearing red rings and beaming chin,
Looking at them burning my soul, stone-hearted but agile
Like a sparrow, faithful like a horse but her wayward fin,
Stops her moving the sea water and danger to be eaten,
By the whale of loneliness, in the sea loveless mass,
You Pythia make her understand, love, soul of life
Eyes see not sans light, you cannot stay sans love, Alas!
Because my Swan follows old track mostly beaten,
Their heavenly mind and heart turn into a stagnant fen,
There is a fighting in her bosom and in her soul strife