Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

6. Ode to My Lady

My heart sighs looking at your half refusing eyes,
To turn down heavenly love, but do keep in mind,
Those who hate men die virgin with sorrows and sighs,
Taking beauty in grave, leaving no print behind.
Living day and night in dream one day makes you mad
The world is full of woe and grief, someday leave you copy
Even parents, brothers, sisters, and your being downcast,
Wrinkles on your pretty face and on your front floppy
Time prints its finger prints your being be no glad,
Your being will weep for ever will be very bad,
Copy of your being darling; your left and right mast

Even every beast and bird leaves their copies on the earth,
To maintain their species to save the next generation,
Saving life to save life, essential is for running hearth,
If no print on earth is left, a symbol of elation.
Alone remains Devil or Deity they are by birth alone.
Beyond the shadows of death but not human being,
We are born to die here, to save her self-flesh
Marriage is the right course, precious years are fleeing,
Think not what I said, but rethink and change thinking tone,
Day by day moving loses its weight a heavy stone.
Make your mind a fresh lake pretty, not a stagnant mesh

Cupid weeps in her temple, no print of her being among the mass
Once I saw in trance, asking her lot from the Angels,
Why weeping in my writ, no copy of my being in high class,
My beauty breeds nothing, useless my being at all angles.
O my Swan, you find Swan Love that loves once in life,
If death separates one then the other does never wed,
Till his death and he never unlocks his locked throat
Think my Swan, think in lone, to share someone’s bed
Have a tour of the world is with less glee and more woe rife
Lonesome bits heart and suck blood with solitary knife
Let us make love images we have found love in love-pot