Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

18. Ode to Willful Love

I smell pride glimpse in your last pretty word “go”
It sadden my heart and soul it slains my being,
And my love dies with, you cruel, my love killer, Lo,
Our trust bond is broken, a doubt witch I am seeing,
Your changing mood that exposes what you think in lone,
My Sweet Lady, you leave me, but my words keep in mind,
And lock them in memory box. “Love is desire, the world, illusion”
To find a soul mate, but none to love you as flesh to bone,
Greed breaks trust cord, experience reveals, none to you kind,
I do find your true love here but it proves later delusion,

Recall one day you said, “Would that our love prosper on earth
Forever.” But my sweet Lady, what words are: soul power carrier,
Words expose secret conscious, words paint what you got on birth,
Greed cuts off soul link to soul and it is love main barrier,
Days will pass yours and mine, O Lady Days are flying,
Like flakes in high sky, none knows where they will “go”
But I know, you know we are surely going to utter ruin,
We change our intentions daily but our words are spying
Both, but looking glass show our face and will does not show,
All wise men know trust, hidden in words but not loon,

O sweet Lady, trust God’s blessings, trust: dignity of human life,
Trust synthetic cord of love, nut mistrust; enemy of love and mankind,
Trust; men’s and women’s soul property and its absence strife,
Trust; God’s and Adam’s link, and love to love it does bind,
You forget me, your right, but when the second love forgets you,
Come to me, sweet Lady, I will take you as you were the first
When this cruel and callous world leaves you, come to me,
When you have gathered in your heart grief and love woe,
Come to me I will give you pleasure, will restore your trust,
Will remind you my love, pious love, think, when you be free