Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

22. Ode to Phoenix

Phoenix: adopted child of the sun, present since his creation,
Shimmering your feathers, golden bright and dazzling loo,
Made of fire, dwelling in desert, the sun and your strong relation,
You will live forever on earth, God has written in life book,
Looking at your beauty, the adopted you and prayed for you,
In these words; “You will live forever on earth.” my adopted son,
The Phoenix said, “I shall sing a song for you all alone.” In vales
Feeling tired living there, he flew to East; the sun rising place, woe
Starts for Phoenix, Years passed and Phoenix old, to be young his yearn
 “Sun, glorious sun, make me young and strong again.” Old age prevails

The ignored his voice, feeling sad he flew to his real birth place,
Crossing mountains, vales and seas, collecting myrrh, gum and cinnamon,
To make her nest, in it he lays a golden egg and sings on palm face
                         “Sun, glorious sun, make me young and strong again.”  In fine tone        ,
At that time the sun heard voice, a flame reached in his golden nest,
Nothing damages, but from Phoenix ash a new phoenix comes out,
Flapping his golden wings young and strong on the cinnamon barks,
And flew from there reaches in the desert just to take rest,
And sang; “I shall sing a song for you all alone.” And does shout
Then leaves the palm for a long journey crossing flying larks,

O Phoenix, you, fed up with the sun, and my Lady, fed up with me,
Ah! You flew to his dwelling place, alas! But where shall I dwell?
You made a nest on the palm tree, but I am in great, great worry,
Looking at all around me sorrows and sufferings, all earth is hell,
The sun heard your, pray, but my lovely Lady listen to me not
Talking to her turns her face, and throws my poor hands away
You sand for the sun, while I sing in verse my Lady’s praise,
Me seems, a doubt-witch has made against me a lurking plot,
You may cross high mountains and hills, but over not my sway,
Alas! She looks at me with killing eyes and sends anger rays