Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

16. Ode to the Twinkling Stars

I ponder over the twinkling stars the whole yester night,
All happy playing with the shining moon hide and seek,
And spreading all round the sky dim glowing light,
I saw the same sight again that I saw the last week,
Asking the cause the pleasure, said the one little star,
We see the moon sleeping on the earth on her bed,
Cute pony, pink lips, red nails, glowing and sleep eyes,
Looks like a Huri sleeps but away from you far,
Hidden from your eyes, her gimps above your head,
Looking at this earthly happy are all the skies

If I were the bright moon, shines on your pink breast,
If I were a cool breeze, crossing touching your soft cheek,
If I were a hair-flower, I do take rest on your chest,
If I were a red ring, wears your soft finger meek,
But I neither moon nor breeze, not hair-flower by a sad bard,
Thinks always in lone the stars enjoy my Lady’s grace,
My tantalizing heart cries, eyes weep with blood tears,
But my Swan away from, love grief bearing hard,
The stars shine, no woe, my Lady sleeps, no woe, I abase,
All loveless day and night O Lady I have to face

The stars more auspicious than me enjoy your beauty glaze,
From the skies and see your cute, cute, smiling face,
I weep here and see the stars mocking me with rays,
An dimple on your cheeks boosting your grace,
I, curse on, weep, in your love and delusive hopes,
Spend my life in dreams painful my poor soul,
Injures from the thorn of love, woes cry for aid
When I see the stars laughing, my poor heart mopes,
And fall senseless on the thorns of love and a yowl,
Heart bleeds , soul injures, more love price I paid