Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

42. Ode to the Bleeding Heart

O bleeding heart none can see your sobs, sighs and tears,
I see and feel your weeping and wailing and bleeding harm,
People have shut spiritual eyes and greed goggle wears,
My cheeks, my chin and my lips, all full of blood, warm,
I see men and women passing a beggar sitting on the path,
Paying no attention to him, all busying thinking straight,
Running to homes with edibles, carrying in skinny hands,
I think, the world is cruel and callous, eyes full of wrath,
Finding rest in cozy rooms, the needy standing at the gate,
None comes, none goes, night comes to the needy disbands.

Tearful eyes and bleeding heart sees all but curses cruel fate,
As browning says, “God is in Heaven, all is well.” not right,
God: missing from Heaven, all is not well on earth I await,
When God sits on His Golden Thrown with glory and might,
But fare laughing at the poor’s fate, sitting on her silver seat,
Like a scarecrow to frighten the innocent birds in green farm,
When the poor wishes die, yea! Fate laughs, turning her face
And changes her shape into a golden eagle that bows to greet,
His owner sitting on his hand crying the sight full of charm,
Then the eagle is left free in the sky: the joy birds to trace

O weeping heart with sobs and sighs, useless, the world blind,
 It sees in dark not in light, like an owl and a flying bat sees,
Better in dark and dreary night, and none to the needy kind,
Fate, you, jealous, the poor’s increasing problem and worries
Darkness: what it shows? Nothing but corruption of minds,
Absence of light, darkness, nothing, but people limited range
Of thinking, recall today’s charm and ignoring coming days
The linker, love, missing on the globe, that men’s binds,
My third eye sees, heart weeps, and failing wishes derange,
Human mind, body and thinking power and its heavenly rays