Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

29. Ode to the Statue

Last night, I saw a statue standing in my gleeful hart palace,
All alone among the flowers, with a smiling face and talking eyes,
I tried to sense it, but fail who is this? At last I put forward my pace,
And reached near here, as I can, the sculptor made it immortalize,
Red cheeks, soft lips, long nose, almond eyes, and flying silky hair,
But when I watched her with heart eye, it was my Lady, standing still,
Like a Roman statue wearing Eden garb, hue, full light pink green,
And ring in her finger, light green nails, decorated with care,
Long healed shows of pearls, shining gems on it from heavenly rill
Colored bangles jingling break the silence of heart garden seen.

I wondered, why does she not move? But stood like fort wall,
Shining in moon lit as thrown pearls on a silent cute shore,
I talked to her, but no answer, again I talked to her, o my cute pall,
But no answer, I request her to speak, but said this, no more,
“I have drunk love poison that turns my body into a talking stone,
Except my eyes and tongue, neither I move nor sit, standing say,
What I say looking at you far away, my joys are no bound, my soul,
But fail to reach you, bit at once I released, my love rays in lone,
Reaching touching your heart, then my locked lips open to pray,
For our love to God, then get silence, when I think you my goal,

I asked her, “Who gave you love poison? She replied me soon,
“None, I myself, drank it knowingly, so that none could touch me
My heart, my soul, my lips, my cheeks, my eyes, all are for you boon,
When I will be free of time clutches, I know how to dissolve it easily,
I requested the princess of Pixy Land, to award me golden wings,
To fly to you from here, sitting on love chariot with golden wheels,
Bridles made of gold and silver, my white power horse flying to,
Your palace, will reach soon, she promised me to give magic rings,
None can see you flying to your love palace with heavenly meals,
Reaching there will make on the Norway beech JS bill and coo.”