Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

33. Ode to Sarakiniko Beach

O cute Silver Swan flying over the beach of golden sand,
Shining and mysteries pearls in cataract sees the flying Swan,
The most enchanting place for rest, the Swan does there land,
Taking bath in waterfall, sits to dry wings like a sea prawn,
His eyes catch sight Leda taking bath lying on the beach,
Ignoring all men and birds around her falling in sleep,
The golden waves coming touching her soft heavenly feet,
Looking at the sleepy Leda, the Swan does here reach,
Sits beside her golden hair, spreading on the sandy heap,
To get protection from eagle pursuing Leda does him greet,

Leda takes the Swan in arms, covers him with golden hair,
Finding cute his singing bill, his long neck touching her breast,
And beak touching her eyes, from here starts their love affair,
The Swan seduces Leda in arms after having a long rest,
Putting his neck on her breasts slept for a long, long time,
Then shape shifting Swan appears in Zeus form in her arms,
Leda gets loaded belly, and gives birth my Silver Swan,
And Helen, twin sisters, daughters of Leda in spring time,
Helen destroys the whole Troy; my Swan snatches my charm,
Floating hair sprinkling dews, from her hair sitting in lawn,

Oh Golden Sarakiniko Beach the Trogons ill never forget you,
Cause the birth of Helen, I thank for the golden sandy beach,
That gives my silver swan, Helen sister for bill and coo,
In lone of the sadness beach, Leda came, her daughter to teach,
Med her saucy tongue and coquets giving woes on annual day,
Her teasing tongue and thoughts, her cute face and grace,
Make her proud than more Helen, and her goading taking eyes
Increases my sorrows, I request you standing on the bay
But you leave the world forever, behind you a print copy grace
Kills me , kills me by her tongue, Leda! Listen to my cries,