Saturday, May 27, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

35. Ode to the Dying Love

When love starts dying warm tears roll down on cheeks,
Murmuring lips, trembling voice, tongue dries at the root,
Heat weeps like a three years child with sighs and shrieks,
Lonesome bites like chilly winter and sorrows my love hoot,
Tearing pain in heart and losing sight of eyes every night,
Emotions weep and reason laughs, at your crooked choice,
Ah! That leaves you anon in sorrows and suffering dale,
To die in quest of love standing away laughing in plight,
With shape shifting being, no answer calling her thrice,
Dying love dies in desert when disloyalty dusks prevail

When love starts dying tears fall and make pillow wet,
Sighs, sobs and tears listen to all night birds and stars,
Laughing at faithless love, no glee by pain and fret,
And injurious human love more than earthly fatal wars,
Tears dry in eyes and hot passions die when love dies,
All day eyes full salts, all night rears fall down like rain,
Wet pillow and bed, none to see and none to console
Woe and wail: Love reward, heaven cleaves my cries,
The body falls on bed like dead and all joints with pain,
But when eyes open all around me darkness full of dole;

When love starts dying my Lay sleeps spreading arms,
Free of all woes and grief, breaking heart, plucking eyes,
O my love when you die, finish, all heart and eyes charms,
Hollow cheeks, sunken eyes, trembling feet when I rise,
Ah! Your issues are blind, cannot peep in lovers’ heart,
Hell of dole and dole, injured dying desires all around,
But goddess of love walking on the, with her painted art,
Oh! My Lady crushes my injured heart with smile cart,
Bleeding all around on earth, as a rabbit torn by a hound,
When love dies, my Lady slays my love with sleeping dart