Friday, May 26, 2017

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

JH Sayyar’s Classical Odes

1. Ode to My Swan

I saw swans hovering over the sea, long neck shorter than his feet,
Coming from the north crossing swamps, smashes and shallow lakes
Bubbling blown in waters, duet songs more cute than singer’s beat,
An echo in silence, all night birds, and her sensual sound awakes
Floating in the streams, flying in the airs with heavenly grace,
Black bill and black feet, long neck to search hidden food,
Roots, shoots of seas and lakes of Columbia River Region,
In winter leave the place for mating in erotic mood,
Roaming over the mountains and vales to find a resting place,
For the next generation but in winter problems face
I saw all in day dream through my poetic vision

How swans putting their necks down into the deep seas,
Bring food for self from below; it is due to strong long neck,
No fear of weather, no fear warm or cool breeze,
Long bills and wings but enhance beauty bill speck,
Long necks for searching hidden foods under sea or waters
Of coastlines or estuaries, it exposes their mysteries nature,
Searching for mysterious foods hidden in watery plains
And eat searched foods, the same for their creature,
Their bills, wings and long necks heavenly entablature
How to trace secret food in lakes with garters,
And be winter or summer their efforts go never in vain

I compare my gentle Lady with a love-neck cute swan,
Searched me on earth for her pretty being for pleasure,
To guard her image copy late night and early dawn,
I call her the trumpeter of love and peace in leisure.
Her love hovers over my head morn, noon and night,
Flying to me far away on the pretty wings of love,
More faster than any swan O God her sensual flight,
More pretty her being for me a gift from the above,
Cute lips and wild eyes, body zigzag removes my plight,
Five feet and nine inches, my ladylove’s height
Like swan her long neck to search me in moon light