Tuesday, September 20, 2016

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

47. Ode to Self
What shows the budding flower? No hurt, no pain?
What show the hovering butterfly over the red rose?
What shows the child’s smile? Knowing it in vain,
What shows the dancing couple’s bill and coo echoes,
My heart full of sigh and sobs, none to console,
Lonesome laughs at me sitting on a golden bough,
I see pain and pain around me, no shadow of glee,
North jeers at me but weeping the South Pole
I sow love seed in love farm but weeds grow,
I think and think why from me pleasures flee?

What whores’ cheeks show? Just night pleasure,
What the poor’s cries show? Hate the world,
What the moon light shows? Do think in leisure,
What the laughing faces show? Heart glee I heard,
What the owl’s voice show? Cruel world, hate,
Why the owls roam in dark and dreary night?
To shun from the world, do not like day face,
All men and women selfish small and great,
Anger sits on nose, cheeks glowing like sunlight,
Laughing at the poor, night charm to trace

O self, stop thinking, what can you do all alone?
Among the corrupts forgetting laws and right,
No fear of God and living like jungle stone,
Spending life on earth like demigod with might,
Now the only way to fly with the silky kit,
In which trapped all parrots, owing to hunger all,
Dying, landing on the earth due to hunger
But the hunger trap deceives the human wit,
Life: Precious gift of God, but hunger does fall,
Like flood beaten people, all old or younger