Monday, September 19, 2016

JH Sayyar's Classical Odes

39. Ode to Happy Days
Glorious happy days, where have you flown from this globe?
Which guise you take, which garb you wear, where your stay?
A voice, comes, “I am where you leave me people my dress rob,
And wear me tattered modern dress and leave me alone in fray,
Now I sit at the city streets and in parks carrying a begging pot,
Wrinkled face, sunken eyes and cheeks, among jealous mass,
Tears float in eyes, falling down to ground crossing cheeks,
Naked feet without home, sleeping on footpaths, my lot,
Passersby watch me keenly and none recognizes me, alas!
Roaming all over the world, have passed thousands of weeks,

I meet near a heap pile a long neared man, with ruby red eyes,
Filthy face, tattered dress and lean body none will stop there,
But unwillingly I do stop there, looking at me he sees to sky,
I ask his good name, on asking his name he smiles with acre,
He said, “My name, Past Happy Days, people throw me sway,
Fro their homes considering me old neither can walk nor talk,
My sons disregard me, and leave me in jungle lonesome path,
But I see the fall of modern age soon, my eyes and I do say,
Very soon waiting for that heavenly moment when I do stalk,
Like royal king among my sons, full glee and free of worry

I recall when I was young, my age free of cheat and deceit,
Happiness ruling all around, civilized men, women and child,
Simple dress, simple food, evening gathering with birds’ beat,
No killing no looting, no fear of dacoit whether be city or wild,
Yea! I do see a tiny comet very bright, in the sky at wee hour,
Surely the symbol of past glory will restore on earth very soon,
I see its rays falling on earth, influencing earth and human being,
Tea! Everything turns to its root, great or small, plants or flower,
But the foolish call on earth happiness all modern walking ruin,
Now go, you, go, the evening is coming and the day is fleeing